• This is a wonderful place. My husband is a resident here and we’re very pleased with the services here, with the nursing and therapy! I would come here when I get older. Great Choice!


  • From my stay at Richboro Rehab, I’ve found that experience to be not only positive but exceptional! The facility is warm, comfortable and the staff is friendly and experienced. They volunteer positive suggestions together with being very helpful! Also, the meals are 5 stars as well.  I would recommend Richboro to anyone who has a need for their special services. It will make a family feel better together with the resident/patient.


  • My family member was here in the past and the therapy team was excellent. We went to another rehab recently due to location and we regret not going back to Richboro. It would have been worth the drive!


  • The outside needs some fixing. Everything else was good. Therapy was wonderful! I’ve been in other homes but the therapy department here far outranked the other facilities. They gave much more time than the other places.